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Reversibility and Low Impact Change

Reversibility and Low Impact Change are the non-functional requirements for Agile Technology Change. I have attended and chaired many Change Review Boards for large organisations for the introduction of new systems and changing exsiting systems. I also overseen many development programmes, taken difficult decisions and helped stakeholders make descisions. The factors I’ve seen that affect […]
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GDPR and the Streetlight effect

There is a lot of heated debated about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – is it a Y2K damp squib or PPI/Libor/Forex all over again? The General Data Protection Regulation is more certainty much more than Information Security and Privacy-by-Design which are just table stakes in the future. The Regulation covers: the right to […]
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GDPR – Federated Search Technology Pattern

Data Lakes are a great way to provide a single view of the customer to comply with GDPR. However there are alternatives and I’ve created a video and an explanation of a Federated Query (also known as Federated Search).

General Data Protection Regulation – Right to be informed – Technology Strategy

The Right to be Informed (about processing) under the General Data Protection Regulations¬†relates to information gathered either directly from the individual, through their interactions with the organisation or via third parties. The technology challenge with such a right is making sure that the correct individual is identified and informed about the processing. Even the process […]
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General Data Protection Regulation – Technology Strategy

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are part of the evolving legal landscape as digital transformation changes society’s interaction with organisations which come into force in the UK on 25 May 2018. Regardless of Brexit if an UK organisation wishes to process data about individuals from Europe the regulations need to be followed. The regulation […]
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Technology Security Lamination

The key theme for protecting IT systems from unauthorised access is to offer multiple layers of protection in terms of people, technology and physical environment. This is known as defence-in-depth when referring to technology, separation-of-concerns when referring to people and compartmentalization when referring to the physical environment. Ultimately all these techniques resemble lamination as applied […]
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