Monthly Archives: May 2017

Reversibility and Low Impact Change

Reversibility and Low Impact Change are the non-functional requirements for Agile Technology Change. I have attended and chaired many Change Review Boards for large organisations for the introduction of new systems and changing exsiting systems. I also overseen many development programmes, taken difficult decisions and helped stakeholders make descisions. The factors I’ve seen that affect […]
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GDPR and the Streetlight effect

There is a lot of heated debated about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – is it a Y2K damp squib or PPI/Libor/Forex all over again? The General Data Protection Regulation is more certainty much more than Information Security and Privacy-by-Design which are just table stakes in the future. The Regulation covers: the right to […]
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GDPR – Federated Search Technology Pattern

Data Lakes are a great way to provide a single view of the customer to comply with GDPR. However there are alternatives and I’ve created a video and an explanation of a Federated Query (also known as Federated Search).